Technical sales training

Technical sales training program

Why might a technical sales training program be your next smartest investment?

Businesses that rely on technical sales professionals face a choice: either settle for mediocre performance from their sales team, or invest in technical sales training to turn their sales engineers into industry-leading problem-solvers.

By enrolling in our technical sales training program, you can transform your technical sales teams into dynamic professionals with a unique blend of technical expertise and sales skills.

With our guidance, your team will become the driving force behind innovative products and services that generate revenue and deliver ongoing value to clients.

Notably, the competencies of technical sales professionals are learnable. With the right approach and training, your team can become the ultimate all-stars in the fast-paced world of tech.

Our comprehensive training will teach your technical sales engineers, pre-sales or sales architects how to navigate complex systems, solve problems, and win over clients with ease.

Don’t settle for average performance from your technical sales team. Instead, invest in technical sales training and watch your team become the knights in shining armor of your industry.

The tech industry relies on technical sales engineers to bring together technical expertise and sales skills, creating a powerful formula for success. However, the importance of technical sales training cannot be overstated.

At our technical sales training program, we provide a comprehensive training that transforms technical sales engineers into experts in communication, problem-solving, and customer-centric selling.

Through our training, your technical sales teams will learn how to effectively align, build commercial value around, and communicate the benefits of your products and services in a clear, intelligent, and persuasive manner.

Moreover, our program goes beyond technical sales training by teaching your team to provide invaluable feedback that ensures your solutions are designed with customer needs in mind, maximising sales opportunities and delivering maximum value to clients.

Technical sales engineers are the lifeblood of the tech industry, but only with the right technical sales training can they reach their full potential and become the driving force behind your business’s success

The reasons for improving go far beyond making more sales and increasing revenue to your own business. Your clients get more value too.

Strong performers, off the back of high quality technical sales training, learn how to optimise and maximise value to their client’s business and their own.

They know how to spot and create commercial win:win opportunities via their customer conversations, and are able to skilfully relate their technical solutions to that commercial value.

As a result, they earn respect and trust from their clients, and become stronger and more confident in themselves. In fact, the skills they learn from technical sales training are not just top career skills, but powerful business and life skills too.

From connecting and communicating with others, to influencing, problem solving, negotiating, and driving more valuable ideas to the right people, the more they learn from the right technical sales training program, the more they earn, and the stronger and more valuable they become. It’s an investment with a high ROI.

How would a technical sales training program address some of their top challenges?

Technical sales engineers must be able to navigate a complex set of challenges to succeed in their role, but those who are trained and able to do so can have a major impact on the success of their company.

Common challenges that we address in technical sales training include:

1. Engaging customers, building trust, understanding their business (commercial awareness) and aligning technical benefits to their business

2. Building value through conversations that justify price and USP’s and enhancing technical sills with professional high-value sales skills

3. Building rapport, and relationships with customers, being curious, empathetic, and being able to communicate technical solutions to non-technical buyers

4. Becoming a go-to respected SE (or pre-sales consultant), but avoiding taking on all the lower value work of sales reps

5. Finding a way to remain up to date with fast changing technology, and industry knowledge (how to build an efficient ‘awareness radar’ that gives you the edge over your competition

6. Managing your priorities, multiple projects and deadlines. Having a system that keeps you on top of the ‘hot’ stuff and doing the right things in the right ways at the right times.

7. Being an excellent collaborator between external customers and internal customers, including product development, marketing, and other stakeholders.

Who would a technical sales training program be for and how does it differ from other sales training programs?

Our technical sales training programs are ideal for sales engineers, solutions architects, pre-sales, business and systems consultants, solutions engineers and the like.

A strong technical sales training program would cover a broad background of strong sales skills (and mindset), communication, rapport, value-building questioning, commercial awareness, and specific technical sales capabilities such as:

1. Understanding customer needs
2. Presenting product capabilities (and presenting in general)
3. Building effective demonstrations
4. Developing relationships with customers and winning over internal customers
5. Crafting persuasive sales pitches
6. Developing technical product expertise
7. Learning product pricing and positioning
8. Utilizing sales software and tools
9. Understanding sales strategies and tactics
10. Staying up-to-date on industry trends and developments

How long would a typical technical sales training program be, and what would the delivery format look like?

The best technical sales training programs are not off the shelf, but tailored to your teams needs.

Each team is unique, and faces very unique challenges, which should be diagnosed, with solutions designed to efficiently tackle these challenges.

Our technical sales training programs are fully tailored, and tend to last anywhere between 1-3 days, if face to face. We also have online solutions, including virtual delivery over MS Teams or Zoom, and a self-directed online learning platform with all our content on in bite-sized videos to be learned at your pace, or better still, using our JIT just-in-time approach, where you learn whilst selling, at the point of need.

More info on our face to face workshops for sales engineers here.
And our online learning platform here.

The best way to determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you and your team is to get in touch.

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