Yes. Providing they have a desire to learn to improve at selling.

Your people are smart. They’ve proven they can learn. But typically, smart non-sales people, when talking to customers, often turn into either order-takers (they smile, nod and give the customer only what the customer asks for) or their technical pride takes the stage and they end up alienating the customer by not listening and just pushing ideas at them.

These people can learn to change this, they just need to have the desire to do so. So that they can develop into opportunity and revenue-generating professionals.

No one has to learn to do anything they don’t want to do. They can learn how to contribute to sales in a way that’s acceptable or desirable for them.

And if they’re already pretty good at selling, then all they need is the desire to learn to get even better, or sell more easily, enjoyably or consistently, and they can learn to do that too.

Desire to learn takes care of it all.

Upgrade your career, business and life skills

Ultimately, your team will learn a powerful set of skills, knowledge and ways of thinking that help them confidently engage other people to help those people think and make valuable decisions.

Along the way, they’ll learn about ‘value’, and how people see it differently. They’ll learn how entrepreneurs think, and how they can tap into some of those capabilities. They’ll learn how to create trust, respect, and valuable relationships, how to engage people and position their unique value, and how to structure conversations that build value, help people think and decide, and ultimately help people buy the right solutions to their business problems.

Whether you’re a large business, corporate, an SME or even looking for a solution just for yourself, we have options to help you learn to sell. We’ve worked with some of the largest and most prestigious consulting firms in the world, in different countries, with people from all backgrounds, and, so long as they’re smart and willing to learn, we’ve helped them improve their approach to make more sales.

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