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Technical Sales Training Starter Kit

Get all of these resources to start strong and get you training your team right now, the right way.

Mark delivered an outstanding two days of sales training to my technical team. It’s made a tremendous difference to how they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development.

Pete Short

Technical sales manager, Apple, Australia

Sales Engineer Training Program

Give your sales engineers and pre-sales teams the edge over your competition with our sales engineer training program.

UK Based (with global delivery face to face, online, and via a self-directed elearning platform)

Designed and delivered by an engineer turned sales consultant who sold into the organisations above (and who still actively sells!)
Proven ‘accelerated learning’ approach to make measurable impact, fast
Includes a ‘just-in-time’ full e-learning platform to access all video content 24/7 “Engineers Can Sell”

Your clients want to buy more solutions. And your sales engineers can sell them. No matter their level, sales engineers can learn to help customers buy more of their solutions in a way that your customers value, respect and engage with.

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If you think your sales engineers could be selling better, you’re on the right page. If you have engineers who are customer-facing who could also contribute to selling, click here for a programme tailored to them.

Get in touch to arrange a call so that we can get the right solution for your unique business:

Learn how to:

Think like the best SE’s
Maximise your wins as an SE
Understand how your buyers buy and how to align
Become everyone’s ‘go-to’ SE
Accelerate your learning of SE sales skills
Make the technical sale (vs the commercial, operational, financial sale)
Help your colleagues make the commercial, operational, or financial sale
Demonstrate value through demos and high impact presentations
Master the art of storytelling (using narratives to influence)
Find and qualify new clients and opportunities
Engage clients in high-value structured business conversations
Know what questions to ask, and how to ask them
Earn and build trust and respect, fast
Manage risk to the deal
Network comfortably as an SE
Influence with integrity
Handle objections, resistance and rejection
Quickly develop commercial awareness (“The 1 hour MBA for SE’s”)
Build your professional brand as an SE
Build an industry trend and opportunity radar
Create long-term customer relationships
Lift your team and team leader to new heights by sharing what works

Why invest in sales engineer training?

When you’re not training, someone else is. And when you’re not selling, your competition is!

Most sales engineers face numerous opportunities to connect more value to their clients. And their clients are waiting to buy.

Do your sales engineers maximise these opportunities?

Or do they leave them for your competition to scoop up and win?

Your sales engineers can learn to engage your clients in high-value, structured sales conversations comfortably, and confidently.

When you’re not training someone else is. And when you’re not selling, your competition probably is.

You earn the advantage by getting your sales engineers trained and selling.

Working with Mark, the results speak for themselves. Just months in we have increased our gross company profit by 18% through Mark’s specific work on selling based on creating value.

Sam Matharu

Head of Business Development, Building Materials Nationwide Ltd, UK

Six benefits to your business

unity, community, union-1767680.jpg

more sales

Ultimately, your team will be in a position to increase sales

quality, stamp, seal-5254458.jpg

valued more by clients

Clients value and respect them more as they proactively solve business challenges and grow the client’s business

opportunity creators

They not only deliver what clients want, but they bring opportunities to their client’s attention

“business engineers”

Sales engineers often lean more to the technical side than the commercial and sales side of their role. But you can flip that.

more engaged and confident

Individuals feel stronger, more responsible, more confident and in control of their role

megaphone, speaker, speak-2374502.jpg

stronger communicators

Better at conversations, presentations, negotiating, and leading others to make impactful decisions

Diagnose yourself:

If these apply to you, we should probably be talking.

You have one or more sales engineers (or are one yourself looking for support – read on)
You think your sales engineers could provide more value to more customers (aka sell more!)
You would like to lead and grow a stronger team of proactive sales engineers who can make both the technical sale and the commercial sale
Your sales engineers want to learn how to increase their value to customers (whilst also improving important life and career skills)
You would like to get things moving now because you’re leaving opportunities, money and clients on the table
You value a solution designed and delivered by an engineer turned technical sales consultant who specialises working with sales engineers
You have budget to invest in your sales engineer’s sales capabilities
FREE Ecourse

Engineers Can Sell

10 days, 10 lessons for engineers to start selling the right way!

The techniques we train helped us sell into and serve these clients

Looking for support just for yourself?

If you’re looking for a ‘table for one’ we have three options that could have us working together:

Share this with your team leader

Your employer is likely to invest in your sales training. Share this page with them, or share their details with us and we can reach out.

‘Engineers Can Sell’ Elearning platform

Get all our content online in bite-sized videos with worksheets, and tools, 24/7 at the point of need. A low cost option, and we have a free ecourse too.

Connect with Mark for more options

The easiest way is to get in touch with Mark. He can share what’s worked best for others in a similar position to you.

Sales engineer training program FAQs

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– H. Norman Schwarzkopf