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Technical sales coaching program

Strategic, focused and efficient sales improvement, one to one.

UK Based (with global delivery face to face, online, and via a self-directed elearning platform)

Your clients want to buy more of your solutions. Are you building the muscle to help them do that?

Sales performance doesn’t improve via one off training. That’s like going to the gym just once and expecting to build muscle.

If you want to see incremental, ongoing sales improvements, you need to keep learning, trying things out, reflecting and problem solving – and results get accelerated with support.

A one to one coaching program is more focused, tailored, and impactful than group training. But it works very well alongside training, to accelerate application of new skills to the job.

I sought out Mark to help me with my Pre Sales skills and found Mark to be a fantastic coach/trainer to work with. He spent time and attention really helping me understand which areas of my career I wanted to focus on and how we could put in place strategies and skills to improve in those areas. I left each session with actionable ideas and insights to take away and discuss with my team. I also am finding Marks E-learning platform a great help in solidifying what we discussed. Overall I’d really recommend Mark to anyone looking to improve their skills in technical sales or looking to understand where they can improve in this career.

Ben Paine

Pre-sales engineer, Instanda, UK

Why invest in technical sales coaching?

When you’re not training, someone else is. And when you’re not selling, your competition is!

Opportunities to add more value to your clients are out there. Always.

If you’re not finding them, engaging your clients, and helping them to buy the right solutions, then your competition will be.

No matter your level of sales performance, you can measurably improve, and your incremental improvements translate to more value to clients and more sales.

A technical sales coaching program beats ‘training’. It directly targets the problem areas and areas of highest impact. It’s more aligned to ‘real time’, and it’s more action based, with the chance to reflect and get support as things are applied.

It’s more like going to the gym frequently to build ‘sales’ muscle. And it’s perhaps the easiest and most certain way to give you an edge over your competition.


In my personal coaching sessions with Mark over a period of 6 months, he provided not only insightful, practical and effective coaching but more importantly a consistent level of energy, care, insightfulness and diligence that is unique in my 20 years of experience. Mark is a gifted, unique and highly valuable individual.

Justin Shardey

Senior Manager, KPMG, Australia

Six benefits to your business

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more sales

Ultimately, coached individuals perform better and more confidently

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valued more by clients

Clients value and respect them more as they proactively solve business challenges and grow the client’s business

opportunity creators

They not only deliver what clients want, but they bring opportunities to their client’s attention

“business engineers”

The technical blinkers are off, as they become ‘business engineers’ with entrepreneurial and commercial mindsets

more engaged and confident

Individuals feel stronger, more responsible, more confident and in control of their role

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stronger communicators

Better at conversations, presentations, negotiating, and leading others to make impactful decisions

The techniques we train helped us sell into and serve these clients

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– H. Norman Schwarzkopf