Hi, I’m Mark Moore, and I specialise in helping technical teams to sell.

Ultimately, I help turn your people into customer-facing professionals who can help their customers to make the right buying decisions.

These buying decisions maximise the win:win between yours and your customer’s businesses, and ultimately grow both businesses. And when your people succeed at that, you’re partners, and your customers keep coming back.

But if you want it put simply, yes, I help people learn how to sell, and fast.

For more on me..

I’m an engineer turned technical sales consultant who sold into and served the big name clients above amongst others.

I teach the very techniques that enabled me, as a one man band, and former engineer, to land these clients.

You’ll get the most useful info on me from my clients:

My Linkedin profile here has plenty of client recommendations at the bottom.
If you are looking for one of the best trainers in the country look no further.
Harry Morgan, CEO, Dunhill Training, Australia