who we help

Customer facing, non-sales, technical experts are in the perfect position to spot, create, connect and convert sales opportunities. If yours want to learn how, then we should be talking.”

You’re not a true customer-facing professional until you can keep connecting value to your customers and help them buy the right solutions – and you’re not leading the charge until your team can do that.

Who we are for..

We’re not for everyone. We work with select clients who are serious about partnering with us to earn results.

Our clients:
✓ have customer-facing ‘non-sales’ professonials (engineers, scientists, consultants, sales engineers, technical or subject matter experts)

✓ who could be spotting, creating, converting or connecting more sales opportunities

✓ and want to learn how to improve at doing that confidently, efficiently, and professionally, in a way that builds trust, respect, and value and ultimately gets results.

Once we know where you’re at, where you want to be, and the challenges and limitations in your way, we can suggest an efficient and cost-effective course of action.

Who we are not for.

We’re not for you if you…

want a magic bullet to improve sales.
think that a one day off the shelf course will have your team selling. (That’s like visiting a gym just once and expecting to build muscle!)
just want generic sales training from a training consultancy who provide the same content to engineers as they would to retail staff, car sales people or recruitment consultants.
just contact us for a price without having a decent conversation with us first about what business problem you’re trying to solve, and what the right solution will actually require. And note – you wouldn’t want your people to just hand quotes out like that either! If you buy training from someone who just throws a price at you without a conversation, expect them to train your sales people to do the same!
want your team to improve how they sell, but they are not willing to learn or improve. No one catches a ball if they don’t want to catch that ball.

We work with teams whose leadership is invested and willing to partner with us to diagnose the challenge, remove the constraints, and equip the team to sell.

If you think we should be talking, please get in touch..

Want a thorough, immediate, cost effective solution?

If you have engineers who want to learn to sell, want access to all our content, on tap, 24/7, at the point of need – together with all templates, worksheets, videos (in problem/solution format) and everything else they need to translate the learning into action, then checkout our onine platform ‘Engineers Can Sell’ below!