Technical presentation skills training

for Engineers and Scientists

Your ideas could create change.
But only if you can help the right people act on them.

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Technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists

How to communicate to create impact and change.

Presentations are an opportunity to engage, share valuable ideas, and make significant change. But technical people often struggle to drive their ideas across clearly, with impact. Our technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists fixes that.

UK Based (with global delivery face to face or virtually)

Your clients want to understand and benefit from your ideas, research, technical data, solutions and complex concepts. Your job is to help them do that. Our job is to help you learn how with our “technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists” programme.

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Technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists

Mark delivered an outstanding two days of training to my technical team. It’s made a tremendous difference to how they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development.

Pete Short

Technical sales manager, Apple, Australia

Why improve your technical presentation skills?

When you’re not training, someone else is. And their next presentation might just be the one that changes things!

Value is only created by engineers and scientists when their research, ideas and solutions are in the right hands, where they can be bought into and applied.

Whether internal presentations, customer presentations, conferences, pitches, knowledge sharing, training, or lecturing, technical people face a common challenge when sharing complex information.

But as Edison once said, “there’s a way to do it better – find it!” This workshop will help your team to re-engineer their presentations and delivery to be hugely engaging, efficient, clear, and delivered with confidence and impact.

Your engineers and scientists will learn how to understand how their own audience receive their ideas. And adapt them to suit.

They’ll learn how to plan for and struture presentations so that they work.

And they’ll learn how to overcome nerves, and other common challenges to delivery, and instead drive their points clearly home, with a bang.

The clarity, confidence and energy this learnable capability brings people is refreshing, exciting and valuable to your own organiastion as well as your customers too.

The time to start improving it, is now.

“The workshop was focussed on very practical advice (rather than obscure theory, which many presentation workshops sadly do) and on building up the confidence as well as the skills of the participants. It helps that the workshop leader is also a skilled presenter!”

Senior Science Presenter

Space Forge, UK

Technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists:

Six benefits to your business

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more ‘yeses’ and more action

Ultimately, your team will be in a position to get more positive buy-in to their ideas, proposals and pitches

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valued more by clients

Clients value and respect them more as they deliver with strength, impact and conviction

opportunity creators

They not only present what clients want, but they create further opportunities by painting a new vision

knights in shining armour

They transform from technical hero, to business and commercial hero. They present to improve the customer’s business, and life.

more engaged and confident

Individuals feel stronger, more responsible, more confident and empowered to drive ideas forwards

megaphone, speaker, speak-2374502.jpg

stronger communicators

Better at conversations, empathy, understanding how people learn and think, and better able to ‘throw a more catchable ball’

The techniques we train helped us sell into and serve these clients

Technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists – FAQs

Looking for support just for yourself?

If you’re looking for a ‘table for one’ we have two options that could have us working together:

Share this with your team leader

Your employer is likely to invest in your presentations skills training. Share this page with them, or share their details with us and we can reach out.

Technical presentations skills coaching

You can get one to one support from Mark including some ‘training’ too. Get in touch for more info.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Technical presentation skills training for engineers and scientists