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This tech sales training starter kit contains FREE resources to :

– identify what training will fit your team
– turn your training into results
– provide more information on what’s covered
– explore the ROI your team could get
– get your team started on a self-directed 1.5 hr training course
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We equip your customer-facing teams
to grow your business efficiently,
on repeat.

Your business’s solutions could change the world.
But only if your clients buy them.


We specialise in equipping your entire customer-facing workforce with the soft-skills that drive value, sales, and business growth in both yours and your customer’s businesses. We emphasise ethical, value-building approaches to winning the right customers over as a team and provide targeted training and consulting services that equip your people with revenue-generating capabilities.

“Mark has done great work for Vinci Energies opening up technical engineers to the idea of engaging positively with customers, which is no mean feat. Adding sales skills by stealth. The customer centric approach was applied to great effect by our technical team working for a large player, turning a small casual account into a major long term multi-million pound strategic partner.” — Andrew Hunter, Director, UK

“Our team at Royal HaskoningDHV followed sales training given by Mark two months ago. I was really impressed and so was the entire team. Believe it to be one of the best training sessions that I’ve seen in my career (and with over 35 years of professional experience, that’s saying something….). Highly recommended.” – René Noppeney, Director, Bioresources, France

Sales training for technical teams engineers and consultants

Get your FREE technical sales training starter kit

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Complete the Form below

This FREE tech sales training starter kit contains resources that will help you:

– identify what training will fit your team
– turn more of what you learn into results
– provide more information on what’s covered
– explore the potential ROI your team could get
– get your team started on a self-directed 1.5 hr training course
– and more…

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How many sales opportunities are your customer-facing technical experts missing?

You could close that gap before your competition do. (When you’re not training, someone else is…)

The fact is, your customers want to buy the right solutions. But are your team proactively helping them to do that? Do they engage your customers, create mutually valuable opportunities, and ultimately make sales that grow both yours and your customer’s businesses?

Your tech and value is no doubt amazing. But it’s next to nothing until it’s connected to the right buyers.

Your engineers and technical experts can sell.

Ethical high-value selling, is rewarding, respected and valued by your customers. And it’s learnable.

We provide targeted sales training and consulting that gets your ‘non-sales’ technical experts selling confidently, and makes your top performers even stronger.

We don’t just ‘tell’ your people how to sell like those one day generic courses – we hone in on the actual problem (like us engineers do) and we fix it. We make things flow. And work. Ultimately, we equip your ‘non-sales’ professionals with revenue-generating capabilities – that open eyes.

Sales Training For Technical Teams Engineers And Consultants

Are we for you?

We’re not for everyone. Which is why this works. We get results with clients described here…

“Engineers Can Sell” Online Platform

Get immediate access to all our content, in bite-sized videos, with worksheets, in a ‘problem/solution’ format. Paint by numbers sales.

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These tools might get you off the spot and moving. (But don’t let them distract you from fixing the costly leak of missing sales opportunities!)

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Engineers Can Sell

10 days, 10 lessons for engineers to start selling the right way!

When you’re not training, someone else is.

From our clients…

Mark delivered an outstanding two days of sales training to my technical team.

Most of the team have moved ahead with aspects of their learning and it’s made a tremendous difference to the way they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development.

Pete Short
Technical sales manager
Apple, Australia

Working with Mark, the results speak for themselves. Just months in we have increased our gross company profit by 18% – through Mark’s specific work on selling based on creating value.

Mark also worked 1-2-1 with underperforming sales staff and we saw a turnaround in performance after just a couple of sessions. One salesperson increased their profit by an incredible 35% in just one month!

Sam Matharu
Head of Business Development, Building Materials Nationwide Ltd, UK

Thank you for a great set of sessions earlier this week. You did a great job and the team really benefited from the workshop.

Chris Mulligan
Partner and CEO of Minelens, McKinsey and Company.

I have been fortunate to work with Mark over a number of years and it has benefitted me significantly. Mark’s support is far more sophisticated than selling techniques, it’s a collaborative approach to help define strategy, who your clients should be and how best to support them. Mark invests time to ensure he understands the challenge and tailors his support to match the needs. He’s one of the few people I’ve met who can help technical, non-sales people translate how to best engage and support clients without it feel like selling.

Steve Tinkler
CEO, Level Up Partners, UK

Mark is an excellent facilitator who took the time to understand my business needs and deliver effective training solutions that contributed to a significant increase in sales and leadership performanced the team really benefited from the workshop.

Mark Bryce
Marketing Manager, AMEX, Australia

Mark has made a significant contribution to our business over a short period of time. His ability to quickly understand our business and tailor his approach to suit our requirements has facilitated timely and quality products. Mark has brought great insight, experience and skills in the fields of sales skills, facilitation skills and sales coaching. I am pleased to recommend Mark as an easy and professional person to work with

Brock Pinner
National Retail Sales Lead at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Australia

In my personal coaching sessions with Mark over 6 months, he provided not only insightful, practical and effective mentoring but more importantly a consistent level of energy, care, insightfulness and diligence that is unique in my 20 years of experience. Mark is a gifted, unique and highly valuable individual

Justin Shardey
Senior Manager, KPMG

Mark is likable, lively and knowledgeable. More importantly, his workshops will leave you equipped to exploit capabilities you never knew you had! I hired Mark to train my team of developers/analysts and the results were genuine, lasting and tangible.

We comfortably recouped our investment in Mark’s training within a couple of weeks

Adrian Griffith
Director, Oval Business Solutions, UK

I have done a lot of sales training in the last year and I got about 200% more out of yours. Mainly due to the fact that you make it all about the company, challenging the attendees to think about their company rather than just listening to anecdotes or abstract concepts.

Andrew Bacon
CTO, SpaceForge

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