the fastest way for engineers to improve how they sell

FULL Elearning platform

a cost effective ‘on tap’ solution to help engineers learn to sell..whilst making sales!

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our best content on tap

All our evolving content in bite-sized videos that solve specific sales challenges in an engaging way

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more affordably

It’s instant, 24/7, self-driven, and more cost-effective

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with faster results

Swap traditional learning wading through courses for our JIT ‘just-in-time’ approach that gets learned then applied at the point of need

We purchased Mark’s online course, to help my team of engineers improve our sales figures. We have had great feedback from the team and most importantly for me, have seen a real shift in focus in some of our team members and six months in we are ahead of our targets!

Matt Savka

Delivery Manager, Electricity North West, UK

It’s elearning but different.
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Online sales training for engineers

Get your engineers selling, in the fastest way possible…

The fastest way to learn to sell is to learn to solve the sales challenge right in front of your face. The one that’s stopping your next sale. Unblock the sales pipe line. Repeat. It’s perfect for an engineer’s mindset.

And that’s precisely what ‘Engineers Can Sell’, our elearning platform helps you do.

Rather than separating learning from application like ‘courses’ do, we help you learn the one right thing that you need to apply right now to make your next sale. You get instant access to practical solutions to your immediate sales challenges, all in bite-sized videos in a problem/solution format.

It’s not an ecourse (although use it that way if you wish.) It’s a searchable resource. You type in your challenge, and find videos, all designed and delivered by Mark Moore, that solve those challenges. And if the solution isn’t there, you get in touch with Mark.

Who’s behind this?

Designed and delivered by Mark Moore

I’m an ex-engineer turned business owner and technical sales specialist. In the beginning, I couldn’t sell. So I learned. It was handy that I’d set up an ‘accelerated learning’ consultancy to teach businesses how to develop new capabilities in the fastest and most efficient way possible. I used those techniques to learn to sell. (And use those techniques to train others even today.)

And then I sold my services into many global corporations in different countries. Over the last 20 years I’ve taught numerous intelligent engineers to make the same transition to develop the capabilities to sell their own solutions ethically, sensibly, and confidently.

Six benefits of Engineers Can Sell

fastest way to learn to sell

There’s no slogging through a course. You learn what you need when you need it, apply immediately, and build your skills on the job whilst selling

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sales improvement ‘on tap’

Instant access, and searchable solutions ‘on tap’ 24/7. Like having your technical sales coach by your side

over 15 hrs content, 70+ modules

A full solution. If you face challenges that aren’t covered, you’re invited to get in touch and we’ll address popular requests

engaging bite-sized videos

Short, punchy, and each module solves a very specific challenge in a problem/solution format, followed by actions

includes worksheets, tools and frameworks

Includes summaries, cheat sheets, worksheets, planners, everything you need to turn the ideas into sales

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ideal for teams too

A ‘learning path’ of modules can be prescribed for your team to tackle and discuss together, turning it into an internal cost-effective face to face learning solution

Just months in and we have increased our gross company profit by 18% largely through Mark’s specific work on selling based on creating value.

Sam Matharu

Head of Business Development – Building Materials Nationwide, UK

How does the full platform work?

First, it has all our content, and keeps growing. You can use it as a linear ecourse to learn all you need to learn about selling. But for efficient learning and progress, it’s designed to be a JIT ‘just-in-time’ resource, where you learn what you need to learn at the point of need.

You type in your challenge, and find videos, all designed and delivered by Mark Moore, that solve those challenges. And if the solution isn’t there, you get in touch with Mark.

Want to know which clients to target next? That’s in the course and takes minutes to solve.

Want to know how to engage them in a way that significantly increases the chances you’ll get a ‘yes’? That’s there too.

Want to know how to set a meeting up so that the dice is loaded for you to succeed? Or structure the conversation to build value so that your client is bursting with desire to proceed? Or how to negotiate efficiently and with impact, or close the deal? That’s all accessible at the point of need, immediately. And the videos come with worksheets, frameworks and tools to help you apply what you learn. There’s no other resource out there like it. And it’s cost effective too.

This Online Sales Training for Engineers Platform Includes

What sales engineers must know about business
How to spot and create opportunities
The mindset that has even the unlikliest of engineers selling
How to plan for and hold value-building conversations
Intelligent negotiation
How to cut through discomfort
Building an ‘opportunity radar’ and finding buyers who’ll say ‘yes’
How to reach out and get a ‘yes’
Handling objections
The things you should and shouldn’t say
How to talk money and price
How to continuously build value for customers
The 6 drivers of value
How to build rapport with anyone
Questions that sell
The art of introducing yourself and your offering
How to sell as an introvert
Selling to intelligent people
Finding the customer’s biggest buying driver
How to influence, ethically, and ask for the business
Making the internal sale
The fastest way to continuously improve at selling

How do I get my hands on this?

The best way to learn if this is for you is to get in touch, and we can discuss how it might fit, and provide you with a free trial. It’s a perfect cost-effective solution for individuals, but works really well for teams too (ask us for more info). Your team can work to a prescribed set of modules and exercises and facilitate your own face to face training internally using the platform to help.

Get in touch to learn more and for our pre-launch discounted pricing.

When you’re not training, someone else is. And when you’re not selling, your competition is!

Six benefits of learning to sell as an engineer

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more sales

Ultimately, you’ll be supported and guided towards making more sales

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valued more by clients

Clients and your employer will likely value and respect you more as you sell solutions that help your clients

opportunity creators

You’ll be able to confidently bring new opportunities to your client’s attention

“business engineers”

You’ll drop your technical blinkers and become a ‘business engineer’ with an entrepreneurial and commercial mindset

more engaged and confident

You’ll feel stronger, more responsible, more confident and in control of your role and career path

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stronger communicators

Better at conversations, presentations, negotiating, and leading others to make impactful decisions

Engineers Can Sell includes

The fastest way to learn highly relevant solutions to sales challenges
An entire portal of max 5 min videos to solve specific common sales challenges
Audio tracks of the videos and transcripts to suit learning styles
Suggestions to practice and apply what’s learned
Skill builders to build the skills off the job too
Sales ‘learning paths’ for those who want to sit a linear e-course
Exercises to practice skills with colleagues
Supporting tools, frameworks, worksheets and processes as downloadable documents
All resources for leadership to set up a continuous sales improvement learning culture
All resources for leadership to set up a continuous sales improvement learning culture
A private workspace for you to upload your own unique sales content to
Monthly updates to content
Our most up to date and powerful sales techniques bought buy top global organisations

The techniques we train helped us sell into and serve these clients

Online Sales training for engineers FAQs

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For a demo, trial, to learn more, and to look at pricing, please get in touch to arrange a conversation.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– H. Norman Schwarzkopf