FULLY CUSTOMISED Technical sales training course uk BASED

A technical sales training course uk based and fully tailored to your unique requirements

Technical sales professionals are a unique breed who do a vital job. Being a multi-faceted role of technical, sales and business capabilities makes it unlikely for anyone to excel without focused training. What we provide is a technical sales training course uk based, and fully tailored to bridget the unique gap between your unique business and that of your customers.

Our technical sales training courses are tailored specifically for engineers, technical consultants, and IT professionals, and focus on accelerating the development of relevant business and commercial acumen, technical product knowledge and use cases, and most importantly, strong, ethical sales capabilities that suit engineers and smart professionals. These skills work together in orchestra to help buyers make valuable buying decisions in a way that feels good for both buyer and seller.

Transforming Technical Expertise into Sales Success in the UK

We believe that technical professionals often already have the foundation for potential sales success – deep product knowledge. Our courses emphasise leveraging this expertise, teaching participants how to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively. This approach is not just about selling; it’s about helping clients understand and buy. And whilst we provide training globally (and have done plenty across the UK, Europe and Australia), if you’re in the UK (as we are) you’re no doubt looking for approaches that suit the UK culture, and especially how your UK buyers buy. However, if you sell globally, then this too must be addressed, and our training programmes cover all you need to understand and align with how your buyers currently buy.

Key Features of Our UK Technical Sales Training Course

Our courses stand out with their interactive modules, real-world scenarios, and hands-on practice sessions. We cover essentials like understanding customer needs, technical and commercial requirements, effective communication skills, and negotiation tactics, all tailored for the technical domain. Every session is relevant, impactful, uses accelerated learning, and designed to make high impact fast.

Why Choose ‘Help People Buy’ for Technical Sales Training in the UK?

What sets us apart is our specialist focus on the technical sector, combined with our well respected ‘accelerated learning’ approach to learning technical sales. Whilst learning is the means to better performance and results, we help clients build action plans they can get moving with immediately, based on current strengths, and quickly improving the critical constraints of each individual whislt they perform on the job. This approach is unique. We’re not about just theory and learning off the job. We want the straightest line approach, and make our learning incremental and drip fed in appropriate ‘doses’ for each individual’s reqiurements. And we’re not just about generic sales training; we delve into the specifics of selling technical products and services.

Success Stories from Our UK Technical Sales Training Courses

Participants from our courses have seen remarkable improvements in their sales performance. Engineers who once struggled with client interactions are now confidently closing deals. Our testimonials reflect these success stories, showcasing real results and enhanced confidence among technical sales teams. You can find out more by downloading our technical sales training starter kit here.

Maximizing ROI from Technical Sales Training in the UK

Investing in our training course means investing in long-term sales success. Companies have reported increased deal closures and improved client relationships post-training. The ROI is not just in immediate sales but in building a skilled, confident sales team.

Enrollment Process for Our UK-Based Technical Sales Training

Get in touch to sign up. We offer various formats to suit different learning styles and schedules, ensuring that our training is accessible to all technical professionals in the UK.