Skyrocket your technical sales engineer training with chatgpt

Technical sales just got tougher. But you’re about to fix that.

Technical sales engineer training with ChatGPT

Meet your technical sales ChatGPT assistant:

Tech development is accelerating. So too then, is the competition to sell it and get it into the right hands.

And as the tech and competition heats up, the capabilities a technical sales person sales engineer, or cuastomer-facing engineer needs must also keep up with the challenge.

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AI cannot yet sell complex solutions to people in the same way that people can. Because people still buy from people. And now is the time to upgrade and upskill your technical sales team, or risk falling behind.

But the challenge to stay sharp and maintain a competitive edge has just become a little more exciting, with a lot more opportunity. There’s a new kid in town – a technical sales assistant like no other – who can do a lot of the heavy lifting of technical sales, remove a lot of the challenges and even awkwardness and uncertainty that engineers, consultants and technical sales teams face. Introducing your new technical sales ChatGPT assistant.

You can train ChatGPT to be the ultimate technical sales assistant. And, starting with my FREE ebook guide, I can show you how…

Skyrocket Your Technical Sales

An Engineer’s Guide to Accelerating Sales using ChatGPT

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Recruit this sales star now.

Your Technical Sales ChatGPT Assistant

The intel is out there

A major part of succeeding at technical sales is getting your hands on the right intel. It’s out there. And if you know how to find it (and in my guide here I’ll start to show you) you can get your hands on that intel. You can clear the mist on so many areas of technical sales, finding ideal customers, trends, challenges, pain points, objections and how to overcome them, communication styles that unlock the door, key sales messaging, and lots more.

And ChatGPT can bring it to you

It’s your secret weapon. And if you’re not using it, at least one of your competitors will be. But how can it help? Well, you probably know that it ‘understands’ and generates human-like text, can help create sales pitches, handle technical queries, and conduct market research. Which will free you up to leverage more of your human ability! (If you need help developing that, get on one of my courses here.) My FREE ebook/guide here shows you how to tap into ChatGPT as a force multiplier for your technical sales.

What’s inside the FREE guide?

It’s short and sweet, and gets straight to the point. Simply use the contents to locate the stage of the sales process you need some assistance with. (I cover everything from strategic sales planning, to generating leads, to designing conversations, proposals, presentations and demo’s, right through to closing the deal). Then go to that section and look up some powerful ChatGPT prompts to tailor to your unique business and industry. Take what ChatGPT delivers, and weave it conversationally into your approach. (To learn how to create seamless value-building conversations, you might like my tailored training programs here, which pinpoint your highest impact challenges, and provide plenty of ways to fix them! Get in touch here for more.

To learn how we might help your team of technical sales engineers…