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"You're not a true customer-facing professional until you can help your customers to make valuable buying decisions!"

We directly help the person responsible for their team's sales results where their team don't have consistently strong sales performance (or where they could be connecting more value to their customers in a more effective and comfortable way).

These teams typically include:

people new to sales
people facing sales discomfort
non-sales professionals (engineers, accountants etc)
technical sales
sales engineers

We work with businesses of any size having years of experience with top global corporates and some of the biggest consulting firms in the world, right down to businesses where only one person is selling, providing they have the right investment. And we have also been asked by many clients to support their full-time sales teams as well as their 'non-sales' people.


We can't help people who don't want to learn to either improve or sell more easily and comfortably.

Some anti-sales people will reject sales related training as strongly as they'll reject selling itself. (And worse, they will give you superficial agreement to take the training with no intention of learning.) You'll want to ensure that your people want to learn before proceeding and will approach the support openly and with commitment.

If you want help selling the idea of acquiring sales capabilities to your people then get in touch and we can share some ideas. We believe that no one is a professional consultant until they can connect value appropriately to their clients. And the same really goes for anyone customer facing, whether a consultant or not.

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We can guide and lead you and your people through efficient and effective ways to tackle selling. We can accelerate your progress. But your people learning and their leadership must lift at their end too. How driven and supportive you are from within will determine the value that you get. Clients that expect a silver bullet purely from external support will never find one. We don't improve your people. They improve themselves, with our guidance, tools, short-cuts and techniques. Clients who build a support system internally (with our guidance) will get ongoing value and increased sales over the months and years ahead. Ask us about this.

You may wish to ask yourself what value your business would get if everyone selling could sell as well as your top performer. Since this person has proven what's possible in your current environment. Of course, your top performer should have room for improvement too.

For more info on value received by some of our clients, see the client comments (click here).

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