Here's why we rise to the challenge to help your people learn to sell in the fastest way possible.


Accelerated Learning

In 2003 we set up an accelerated learning consultancy. Our mission was to help people learn business skills in a fraction of the time it would normally take, by using every known efficiency around acquiring and applying the right skills, knowledge or behaviours to the job.

Our programmes were very popular in the UK and Australia, with clients becoming very inspired and excited about their productivity savings (one client saying that they could get things done in 2 hours that used to take them 2 days).


Helping non-sales people to learn to sell, fast

In 2009 we repositioned to focus on applying these accelerated approaches to help non-sales people or new salespeople to learn how to sell. This enabled us to focus and improve the relevant techniques, learning what worked for people and what didn't.

Ultimately, we are always seeking the fastest way for anyone to learn how to sell and create more value for both their customers and themselves.

Unlike typical sales training that just walks you through a series of tips and techniques hoping for it to stick and be used by learners, we design highly-targeted and short burst learning that gets right to what matters for the individual. In fact, we focus less on traditional learning and more on the most direct route to enabling someone to perform in the right way at the point of need.

To leave you with food for thought, you may wonder what conditions lead to acquiring sales capabilities in the fastest way. We'll list the top three here and invite you to discuss further with us how we can help you increase these.


1. Desire to learn to improve

The individual must want to learn to improve and make their life more rewarding by doing so. Or they must want to learn how to make selling/influence easier or more enjoyable. (Some refuse to want to improve, but are motivated by making life easier..)


2. Surround them by other people doing this

The more people they are surrounded by who are doing this, talking about it, or supporting them, the faster they'll learn (the subconscious draw of "people like us do things like this" will close the gap between them and their peers. If you know about cognitive dissonance and self-image you'll understand this. Besides, energy, activity and focus rub off on people.


3. Give them the tools

Give us the tools and we will finish the job. - Winston Churchill

Connect them. Connect them to useful tools and resources (my blog is one starting point - click here). Connect them to internal and external support. Connect them to potential role models. And absolutely connect them to feedback (via a coach, whether internal or external) and the rewards that are within their reach.

What gets measured gets done. What gets fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated - John E Jones

4. Bonus: shift your own mindset

What could be holding them back is your own mindset. As a leader you may wish to consider shifting your mindset from 'training them' to leading them towards stronger capabilities. Or 'helping them learn how to acquire these capabilities'. You need to commit and lead learning and improvement from within. People don't always want to be trained. But, with a believable more rewarding future in sight, with more power, influence, trust and respect in their work, they do love to learn...

These top three alone will have them start soaking up the right attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviours. It's a great start, but to accelerate it further, and provide them with all they need, get in touch.

If you're interested to explore partnering with us to accelerate your sales teams performance, just get in touch



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