Sales Engineer Training Program

Sales Engineer Training Program

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Are your sales engineers continuously and measurably improving their sales performance? Technical sales skills are learnable. Click below or scroll down for more on our sales engineer training program.

Note: This page is for sales training for sales engineers. If you're looking to train your engineers from other engineering backgrounds to sell, click here.

Sales Engineer Training Program

Professional Sales Engineers are a unique breed whose efforts contribute directly to sales. They face the challenge of maintaining an edge over their competition and maximisng service and value to customers whilst wearing both the technical and sales hats.

It's common that the sales and commercial capabilities of sales engineers are overshadowed by their technical prowess. Defaulting to the technical rather than leaning more towards the selling aspect can result in valuable sales opportunities and lifetime customers lost.

Regardless of experience, most sales engineers can benefit from some simple learnable shifts to their mindsets, skills and behaviours that translate into measurable sales results.

And if they're not continuously learning and improving their approach, then they're probably falling behind. It's not just competing technical products that are changing rapidly, but how they are bought and sold. And the human interactions at the point of 'talking and doing business' together absolutely matter.

If you identify with any of the technical sales team challenges below and want to explore how to create a commercial edge over your competition through your people then you can read on about our sales engineer training program. Or, simply get in touch using the button below.

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Your Sales Engineers
could improve sales results if...

You're noticing any of these...

  • Their engineer hats overshadow their sales hats
  • Their commercial awareness isn't strong enough (they don't "talk business")
  • They use one style regardless of whether they're selling to the technical or commercial buyer
  • They don't initiate new opportunities when they could
  • They aren't maximising and converting opportunties when they could
  • They're engineers trying to sell rather than sales professionals who can 'talk technical'
  • They know they're smart, so they pitch and talk at customers rather than seeking to understand the commercial value of their solutions and the buying-drivers of each individual decision maker
  • Their communication creates resistance from the buyer. They lack confidence talking clearly and succinctly, talk too detailed, , don't listen, or rely on being too friendly in the hope that this will lead to a sale
  • They don't manage their time as well as they could
  • They deliver average or generic product demos
  • They don't introduce themselves in a way that kick starts a powerful sales process
  • They're more reactive than proactive
  • They don't sync internally with sales, marketing or account management as well as they could
  • They oversell on features not valued by the buyer, or on features they personally value
  • They could create and nurture higher-trust longer-term relationships
  • Aside of product training they've not really targeted sales training designed specifically for sales engineers

You'd prefer to see some of these...

  • They lead with their sales hats, then switch appropriately to their engineer hats
  • They think and "talk business" with solid and strong-enough commercial awareness
  • They adapt when selling between the technical and commercial buyers
  • They spot, initiate, maximise and convert opportunities beyond the obvious ones
  • They proudly see themselves as specailist sales professionals
  • They're smart, but they know the customer is smarter about their own business requirements, so they learn first and dig deep before adapting their solutions to the customer's story
  • They communicate at the right level for each customer - to tap into their thinking and help them think their buying decision through
  • They're friendly enough, but also frank enough too and know that the customer wants value above all else
  • They're highly effective with their time
  • They maximise value by targetting product demos and keeping them interactive and buyer-centric
  • They introduce themselves in a way that kick starts a powerful sales process
  • They're more proactive than reactive
  • They sync seamlessly with internal sales, marketing and account management
  • They know when to bite their tongue
  • They know that the buyer doesn't necessarily buy in the same way that they do (and so shouldn't be sold to in that way)
  • They can determine value and fit, and are able to influence and persuade accordingly
  • They continuously accelerate their growth as an SE with purposeful support - much like building muscle frequently at the gym
These are solvable challenges!
We specialise in helping businesses to solve them, so if they resonate with you, perhaps we should be talking?
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Sales engineer training program FAQs

  • Who is this for?

    Our sales engineer training program is ideal for sales engineers (SE's), pre-sales, systems engineers, solutions architects and anyone in similar technical sales roles.

    It has been highly beneficial to people on all levels, whether new to technical sales or experienced, to help them improve their sales capabilities, performance, results and rewards.

    The program has been delivered internationally for smaller businesses and top globally known blue-chip organistions.

    The sales engineer training program is designed and delivered by a former engineer turned sales improvement specialist and the programs have consistently produced excellent feedback and results.

  • What's covered in our sales engineer training program?
  • What's the 'accelerated learning' component?
  • Who is the sales engineer training program delivered by?
  • Where is the sales engineer training program delivered?
  • How long does it last?
  • What next steps typically look like

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle"

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Our sales engineer training program is...

  • tailored following a diagnostic process with you - off the shelf does not work
  • designed to be highly learnable and easy to apply - often with targeted, just-in-time style learning and bite-sized workshops or coaching to suit
  • delivered by Mark Moore unless otherwise agreed (an ex-engineer)
  • delivered at a location of your choice
  • designed to suit your budget (we have other solutions to suit almost any budget - get in touch for more)
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