FREE Ecourse

FREE Ecourse
to get you selling as an engineer (in a way that actually works for you..) 

One short email lesson a day for ten days, with actions
to start selling comfortably and confidently.

You will learn:

  • The secret to outperforming your competition
  • How to get 'yeses'
  • The 3 traits you’ll need to succeed at selling as an engineer (and how to grow them)
  • My solution to help engineers learn to sell in the fastest way possible
  • How to immediately boost your sales confidence
  • How to quickly make impact, maximise your value, and win people over fast
  • The biggest blindspot for engineers when selling
  • “THE formula” to use wherever you go from here

Not just for those new to selling!

The course will also help experienced engineers who have been selling too (most know their technique could be better!) so please share it with them - they'll appreciate it.

Inside, I also link to my full paid e-learning platform which is a low cost investment with a potentially huge ROI, providing you follow the paint-by-numbers approach.