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Modules to get clarity and ownership on the BD aspect of your role

Advance your career with BD

Creates clarity and buy-in from the outset 

Explores why we’re improving our performance, what BD is and isn’t, desired outcomes, broader picture, fit between business, careers, and customers, and impact on all

Desired behaviours and competencies

Explores required behaviours to deliver on strategic objectives

Explores what we must consistently do behaviourally to excel in our role and achieve our objectives

Role clarity: when to wear the 'BD hat'

Provides clarity, agreement and commitment between leadership and team member on role activities. Vital for performance improvement.

Many employees aren't crystal clear on their job role activities. And even more are misaligned with how their leaders see their role. This module provides written clarity, agreement and commitment between leader and employee on role activities.

BD activity planning

Total clarity on BD activities and frequency required to deliver on strategic objectives

A process session that works backwards from your end goals to determine the realistic BD activity you should be doing daily or weekly. Useful for numbers driven BD teams or less rigid approaches

Modules to understand where you are currently at

Understanding yourself

Understand how you represent your business and how to improve performance, serve customers better, and advance your career

Fully tailored session exploring relevant aspects of your personal and natural BD styles, mindset, skills, knowledge, behaviours, biases and values. Shortcuts your learning journey ahead by leveraging strengths and developing your highest impact priorities

Strategic positioning

How do others perceive you? How's this helping or hindering? Get more clarity on this and position yourself to make impact with the right people

Helps you understand the positioning and differentiation of your business, product, service, and yourself as an individual and strategically position what you can to make progress more effectively

Modules to build BD capabilities fast

Developing a strong BD mindset

60-70% of BD inefficiencies are mindset related. This session begins to re-wire your mind to deliver more value to your customers and yourself.

Increases desire and commitment for BD activity, highlights blind spots, explores 'useful BD thinking', growth mindset and practical ways to embed this mindset.

How to learn BD capabilities fast

Fast learning is the king of all BD skills. This session provides plenty of techniques to learn faster and acquire BD capabilities fast that you can apply immediately

A faster learning ability helps you to not just improve at BD more rapidly, but also to learn all you need to about your industry, customers, opportunities, and your own forever changing products and services. This ability keeps you in the know faster.

Visit our sister site Help People Learn to learn more about our expertise behind 'the king of all skills'.

Modules to keep you in the know and in a stronger position

Creating a BD process that works

The BD process works best when built and owned by the team, and aligned to how their customers buy. Any other sales or BD process could be costing you more than you think.

Provides clarity to move opportunities forwards and convert them to high-value win:win deals.

Creating a BD radar

How else will you stay in the loop on information that helps you and your customers to succeed?

How to use technology to build a personalised 'listening station' to stay up to date on whatever you need to (trends, knowledge, customer information and business opportunities)

Business opportunity planning

Opportunities to generate customer value and revenue are missed left right and centre. This session helps you build a 'business opportunity magnet'.

Helps participants to plan for and practice spotting, creating, and initiating new or broader opportunities with customers, which they can convert themselves into business, or simply hand leads to colleagues.

The psychology of buying (how people buy)

Understand the thought process your buyers go through. Then help them through it in a way that works for them.

Learn how people think, make decisions and buy. An introductory session to buying styles, the role of emotions vs logic, cognitive biases that skew rational decisions, some principals of influence, and how to get a decision.

Modules to develop practical BD capabilities 

Initiating new relationships

Getting strangers to engage despite their competing priorities is a challenge. This session brings you practical approaches that work which others had to learn the hard way.

Includes various tactics to email or contact people cold, get referrals, and immediately build trust and respect that gets a response

Business networking

It's who you know. So who do you really know?

Develop a networking mindset and explore effective ways for you to build your business network on and off line

BD meeting planning

Those who find BD hard tend to have something in common when it comes to BD meetings – they 'wing it’

Increases your chances by helping you prepare for meetings quickly and effectively. Includes researching and profiling your customers

Understanding and influencing others

People need help making big decisions. You won't be popular if you help them make the wrong decision. But what if you help them efficiently make the right decision?

Practical tools, techniques and questions to help people think, decide and take rewarding actions

High-value BD conversations

All your BD efforts succeed or fail at the point of conversation. Everything you've thought about, learned about and planned for happens here. This session helps you avoid blowing it.

Split into many modules it covers all aspects of opening conversations, creating business rapport, handling emotions, steering awkward conversations, creating tension, asking questions (covering many types of question styles), deep listening, closing and asking for action or commitment.

Qualification of opportunities

BD is about fit, not functionality. Learn how to determine fit quickly and effectively and know what steps to take next.

Essential. Most people in BD who think they want 'closing techniques' actually need 'qualification techniques'. When you qualify perfectly, the customer makes the rest of your BD job easy.

BD presentations that win

How many presentations have you sat through that were painful? How many have you delivered that were painful to others (or yourself)? That need never be the case again

If a presentation is worth doing, it's worth changing people

Modules that take your BD performance even higher

The BD professional's half day MBA

Gets people up to speed with some of the most important and simple principals and 'laws' of business which also apply to them in their own career. Puts them in a stronger position to make better decisions and increase value

Helps you learn business by attaching the principals to what you already know about your career, and increasing confidence to have business conversations

ESI - Emotional sales intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important BD skills. Both controlling your own emotions, and helping customers listen to their own. Many people in technical roles have room for improvement. Here's the fix.

Learn important principals of emotional intelligence that apply to BD conversations and discover practical 'tools' to improve your emotional intelligence, develop empathy and improve business relationships

Social media for BD

Where are your customers and those who know your customers? What are they thinking, saying and doing right now? This session will answer that.

Gets you up and running on social media from a BD perspective (prioritising Linkedin for B2B) and provides you with further resources

Double your productivity

In one Director's words who bought the course, "I can now get done in 2 hours some tasks that previously took me 2 days".

Human beings gravitate towards becoming naturally ineffective. This session provides the workarounds.

Modules and support to embed the behaviours

Train the BD trainer

Because with the internal capability you can run these programmes as often as you like.

A programme can be designed to be licenced out to you with a full train the trainer programme, facilitator guide and handover, and with ongoing updates to the content.

Help your team learn faster

The fastest way for a team to learn is for the leader and each team member to become learning catalysts to each other.

Helps leaders continuously maximise team performance by transforming them into 'learning leaders' who can connect, support, unlock and drive social, self-directed, and informal learning, team sharing, learning collaboration and coaching within their team

BD coaching

Planes don't get safely and efficiently to their destination without air traffic control.

Helps your team to discover their strengths and limitations during conversations and then improve their behaviours consistently increasing performance. Note: BD coaching differs to standard exec coaching.

Coach the BD coach

Because you should build your internal capability to continuously improve BD performance via coaching.

Upskills BD leaders or coaches to deliver high-performance BD coaching to their team using agreed competencies and proven methods for planning, carrying out and following up on coaching conversations.

Get more from BD coaching

It takes two to tango. Great coaching results are helped not just by great coaches, but by team members who know how to lift the value and effectiveness of the coaching sessions.

Coaching works much better when the person being coached fully understands 'coaching' and has both the will and skill to collaborate with the coach effectively creating more synergy, better options, and improved results

Related full programmes that incorporate parts of the above modules

Technical sales for sales engineers and pre-sales 

Technical sales engineers (SE's) and pre-sales have a specific role in the sales process, with common traits that help, hinder, and often stall the deal. The programme provides formal structured learning to help technical sales teams win more sales.

Full technical sales skills and capabilities development programme covering all aspects of opportunity planning, holding sales conversations, presentations, demos, whiteboarding, risk to the deal, collaborating with sales and AM's and understanding and influencing the TDM (technical decision maker) and BDM (business decision maker)

Service to sales performance

Thinking of transforming your customer service culture into a sales/service culture? Start here.

A full programme to help your customer service teams shift their mindset, behaviours, skills and knowledge to that of a high integrity, customer focused, helpful and non-pushy sales culture

BD for young professionals

All young professionals in business should learn how to think, talk and generate business.

Everyone in your business has 'customers' they must serve (whether internal or external). But unfortunately, most young professionals focus just on their career rather than their business, and the business they do with their customers. This programme helps participants learn how to think, talk and generate business from an early age - when you learn best, opening up new career opportunities and more rewards for all along the way.

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Developing a strong BD mindset

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