Can anyone learn to sell?

Yes, providing they commit to learning how. Let's look at why...


The right customers are on your side. They want you to sell to them. Because they want to buy solutions that make them better off
As buyers, we like to pay for the right solution to match our requirements and budget. We don't like to pay for what we don't need, and we don't want to underpay and lose out on much-needed value either. But we do want to buy an ideal solution from a professional who helps us. We call this ideal solution that buyers are looking for 'optimal value'. And the customers to your business are the right customers when you can provide them with the optimal value they're looking for.
The professionals who can steer others towards win:win optimal value

For buying decisions above a certain price, we all need confidence and guidance that we're paying for 'optimal value'.

And for important decisions, we tend to seek that guidance from experts and advisors who we trust and respect. When that happens, we feel good about our buying decisions, and we're more likely to get the value we hoped for. 

These trusted and respected professional advisors are needed in your own business - no matter the size of your business to help your customers make valuable buying decisions and keep coming back for more. And anyone can learn how to do this, providing they want to learn and will commit to doing so.
A higher-value workforce
Of course, we would argue that developing these capabilities is in everyone's interest. Because people become more valuable when when they can help others to think things through to make higher-value decisions.
In fact, we say that learning to sell in this way is the number one career, business and life skill.
In business and life in general, nothing happens until a 'sale' is made. Value is not inherent in any of your ideas, products, services, innovations or suggestions. The value exists only when someone connects them to the right buyers and users and gets a 'yes'.
These people who can get the 'yeses' they need to maximise win:wins tend to be highly valued by employers, customers and other people who interact with them. They tend to be able to make important things happen. They create and keep customers. And customers create employment and grow businesses. These people are behind this.
Every customer-facing person should know how to maximise value 
For that reason, we insist that anyone customer-facing can and should do all they can to maximise and optimise value to their customers and know how to get the right 'yeses' that benefit everyone - internally and externally.
That's what we call 'selling'.
It's honest, valuable, ethical, and buyers strongly desire it to be done well. And it's learnable.
It can be achieved by anyone, on the condition that they want to learn how and will commit to growing their capabilities in this area.
If this is the case, we can help accelerate their performance with eye-opening results (see some of our client comments here).

"You're not a true customer-facing professional until you can help your customers to make valuable buying decisions!" 


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