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Engineers Can Sell

If you're an engineer who wants to improve how you sell, or you want your team of engineers to improve how they sell, then consider this:

Are you looking for sales training for engineers? Or, are you looking for sales performance improvement for engineers?

Simply put, do you want 'training' or 'more sales'?

The former focuses your intention on finding a course to put everyone through. It opens you up to all the risks and costs attached to that, including logistics, syncing calendars, time away from the desk, absentees, learner motivation, capturing all the ideas, understanding, retention of what's been learned, ability to transfer to the job and so on.

The latter shifts the focus onto what must be done differently by an individual, on the job, right now, in order to succeed. It eliminates the risks and costs associated with traditional learning, because the learner faces a challenge in the moment, is motivated to solve it, easily accesses 'the one thing' they should be doing to increase their chances, and then applies it immediately.

The old way puts the engineer in the position of 'learner', who learns everything on the course 'just in case' it's needed. It's time consuming, inefficient, and wastes significant resources.

The new way puts the engineer in the position of 'performer' who learns what's actually needed right now, just-in-time. And they get to see it work immediately. It's time efficient, lower cost, and puts the intensity on the high-impact stuff that matters right now.

'Engineers Can Sell' is the first of a kind, niche performance improvement platform.

It's for engineers only, who want to improve their sales performance. And who want to get their hands on exactly what they need, when they need it. It has been designed to meet that exact requirement.

How it works

The default is for salespeople to 'wing it' through their challenges. And when it goes wrong the cost is significant in missed sales. (See below - the true cost of average sales performance). And the default is to excuse the missed sale by convincing themselves - and their manager - that the (potentially lifetime) customer wasn't interested when perhaps they were.

Now, with our sales training online course, when the salesperson faces a challenge that requires a certain standard to overcome, they can pull out their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, instantly search for the challenge they face, and watch a targeted 5-minute video designed to help them tackle the challenge with clarity and confidence.

Not only that, they can then call up a video that walks them through a self-reflective feedback and improvement process if they want to build the new habit.




'Bank raid' style learning for the Google generation

We call it the 'bank raid' style of learning where you get in, get what you need, and get out.

It's perfect for the YouTube/Google generation and for more experienced people who don't want a long course but do want some quick up to date approaches that work.

And unlike with Youtube or Google they get the added confidence that they're getting high quality up to date ethical, high-value, consultative sales techniques that tie together into an entire proven selling system.

The whole thing is designed to have both you and your customers maximising value and winning, fast.


The fastest way to get the job done well

Our mission with this product is to help salespeople perform better in the fastest way possible, so we are continuously sharpening the tool accordingly.


We provide monthly updates and whilst videos are popular with many, we also provide the transcript of the lesson for those who prefer to learn differently.


"Give us the tools and we'll finish the job" - Churchill

And each lesson has downloadable resources, tools, frameworks and cheat sheets to help apply what they learn to the task in hand.


The focus is low on theory and high on immediate application.


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Additional sales coach support

Depending on your level of membership you can even access a real sales coach over the phone to help you through anything challenging.

Sales learning paths

And we include "sales learning paths" which link our videos and resources into the more conventional linear e-learning style courses too for anyone who does want a full course to study.

After all, some skills take time to build and should be practiced ahead of time and incrementally over time.

However your salespeople learn best, the options are here and easily accessible.
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Leadership learning paths

And we provide full train the trainer and coach the coach videos too so that your leadership can learn how to support their salespeople moving ahead.

They can learn to facilitate any internal workshops using our content, and learn our high-performance sales coaching system too. All tools and resources to help them excel as sales coaches are included.

Make it your own
Leadership can also update the workspace with their own unique learning content and tools, since each of our clients has their own private workspace.

Don't leave sales improvement to just your salespeople

To understand the importance of having your own internal leadership support sales performance improvement you might like to learn more about our train the trainer programmes here. To lift a heavy table you need people at both ends!

Ultimately, our sales training online course is everything a sales function needs to train, coach and improve sales performance in their people - all in one digital box!

This is accelerated sales learning as it always should have been...

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Our sales training online course includes:

  • The fastest way to learn highly relevant solutions to sales challenges
  • An entire portal of max 5 min videos to solve specific common sales challenges
  • Audio tracks of the videos and transcripts to suit learning styles
  • Client owned workspaces where you can communicate with just your sales team
  • Suggestions to practice and apply what's learned
  • Skill builders to build the skills off the job too
  • Sales 'learning paths' for those who want to sit a linear e-course
  • Exercises to practice skills with colleagues
  • Supporting tools, frameworks, worksheets and processes as downloadable documents
  • All resources for leadership to set up a continuous sales improvement learning culture
  • A private workspace for you to upload your own unique sales content to
  • Monthly updates to content
  • Our most up to date and powerful sales techniques bought buy top global organisations

Note that this resource is coming soon....please get in touch to organise a short demo

We will provide some discount codes for early adopters of this exciting new resource so please get in touch if you are interested to see it in action to see if it's right for your team.
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Client Comments

The true cost of average sales performance

  • How many opportunities are your sales people missing?

    Not spotted

    Consider how many existing opportunities are being missed by your salespeople.

    That's customers who are looking to buy a solution that you can provide. But your salespeople fail to connect with them and convince them and so the customer goes elsewhere.

    Not created

    Now add to that how many overlooked opportunities are not being created by your salespeople.

    That's where your salespeople could identify opportunities to add value that would make the customer better off than they would be hanging on to their money (ie. better off than keeping the status quo).

    Not effectively progressed and converted

    Further, add to that how many opportunities are in your pipeline but not being handled and managed as well as they could be. These sometimes begin to stagnate and the customer decides to go with an alternative option.

    Most businesses should see missed opportunities in all three.

    I wonder what missed opportunities are costing you?

  • What's the true cost of that?
  • Where is the leak?
  • Why sales improvement only comes when we all lift
  • Why setting the ball rolling early makes a big difference

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