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Sales Training for Engineers

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Your engineers can improve how they sell. Graduate and senior engineers can build revenue-generating capabilities that create an attractive competitive edge over their competition. Click below or scroll down for more on our sales training for engineers programmes.

Note: This page is for sales training for engineers. If you're looking to train your sales engineers to sell, click here.

Sales Training for Engineers

Your engineers might not have chosen their career to sell. But if they're client-facing then they'll face numerous opportunities to stand out from their competitors and increase value to more clients - and to your own business too.

The question is, are they acting on those opportunities and turning them into mutually valuable business, or leaving your competitors to swoop in and serve your clients more fully than you?

Your engineers can learn to engage your clients in high-value, structured business development conversations, and better still, they can learn to do this comfortably and confidently.

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Engineers Can Sell

If you want to help your engineers learn to sell or improve how they sell, this free resource will get you started the right way.

Growing 'Business Engineers'

A professional consultative engineer doesn’t just rely on wearing a hard hat. The true professional owns and knows when to wear their business development hat.

These highly-trusted and respected ‘business engineers’ learn to see beyond the engineering level and at the business level through their clients' eyes.

Both graduates and senior engineers can significantly sharpen their mindsets, skills and behaviours to contribute more to the growth of your business by adding even more value to their existing and new clients.

Engineers with these commerical and conversational capabilities stand out from their competitors.

They don’t just work in the business, they work on the business.And they understand that more value can be created through the right well structured conversations. And that this increases value to their clients, your organisation, their careers, and ultimately their own lives too.

The win:win to all can be maximised. And engineers who know how to sell do this effectively, comfortably, and professionally earning trust, respect and pride along the way.

It’s a learnable and valuable skill. And clients, employers, and colleagues value it highly.

All that’s required is that they want to learn, and that they are connected to the right approach to do so...

Do you think...

  • Your services could benefit more clients out there
  • You could provide more value to your current clients
  • Your engineers could spot or create opportunities to do this
  • Your relationships could strengthen so that clients see your engineers as trusted advisors and business partners
  • Your BD conversations could become sharper, more structured, more comfortable, and higher-value to your clients
  • Your conversations could become less reactive and transactional and more proactive and valuable
  • Some of your engineers could improve how they engage people
  • Your culture could benefit shifting from career-thinking (“I’m just an engineer!” to business-thinking (“I help grow ours and their businesses”)

If you want competent, confident engineers who can sell, and if any of the points above resonate, then perhaps we should be talking…

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Sales training for engineers

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"If you want to teach, to change minds or to cause action, a consistent curriculum is always better than a single event. Drip by drip, with enrollment" - Seth Godin

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Sales training for engineers FAQs

  • Who is this for?

    Our sales training for engineers programme is ideal for engineers at any level to improve their sales capabilities, performance, results and rewards.

    It is designed and delivered by a former engineer turned sales improvement specialist, who learned that any technically minded person can learn to sell highly effectively if they are willing to learn. (More on whether your engineers can learn how to sell here).

    The programme addresses resistance to selling (it's common for engineers to have an anti-sales mindset) and helps engineers to leverage their own styles, values, and problem-solving approaches - as well as developing new ones - to sell ethically, consultatively and successfully.

    This programme has been delivered to senior and graduates engineers, engineers in leadership, sales engineers, solutions architects, systems engineers, technical sales engineers and pre-sales and has consistently produced excellent feedback and results.

  • What's covered in our sales training for engineers programmes?
  • What's the 'accelerated learning' component?
  • Who is the sales training for engineers programme delivered by?
  • Where is the programme delivered?
  • How long does it last?
  • What next steps typically look like

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle"

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Our sales training for engineers programmes are...

  • tailored following a diagnostic process with you - off the shelf does not work
  • designed to be highly learnable and easy to apply - often with targeted, just-in-time style learning and bite-sized workshops or coaching to suit
  • delivered by Mark Moore unless otherwise agreed (an ex-engineer)
  • delivered at a location of your choice
  • designed to suit your budget (we have other solutions to suit almost any budget - get in touch for more)
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Mark Moore

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Engineers Can Sell

If you want to help your engineers learn to sell or improve how they sell, this free resource will get you started the right way.