Sales Consulting Services

Sales Consulting Services

Which elements of your sales function are limiting your results? Our sales consulting services can help set you up to win

Sales Consulting Services
You may be setting a sales function up from scratch, or you may want some advice on various aspects of your sales function and approach.

Perhaps you're not clear on your value prop, your sales pipeline, forecasting, setting targets, or you're not totally clear on the best people to recruit to maximise the strength of your sales team.

Our sales consulting services can help you understand where your strengths in selling lie, and which aspects of your sales approach might benefit from more attention.

Once we understand your current situation and how you have made sales up until now we can advise you on a suitable structure going forward together with next steps.
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Our sales consulting services can help you:

  • Structure your sales function
  • Clarify your value prop, USP and messaging
  • Create a sales/buying pipeline
  • Create forecasts and set targets appropriately
  • Define the right people to recruit
  • Get your sales and technical people in sync
  • Determine how to get the best from your technical customer-facing people
  • Define an effective sales strategy and tactics
  • Explore the right kind of support to accelerate sales performance
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Client Comments

The true cost of an average sales function

  • Where's your weakest link? Is it your salespeople, or the structure around them?

    It's all too easy to put poor sales performance down to untrained or mediocre salespeople.

    But often these people have been recruited on their people skills, enthusiasm or apparent charisma only to step into a malfunctioning sales team.

    Even the most skilled salespeople will struggle to consistently sell if the system they operate within holds them down.

    We've seen:

    • poorly chosen KPI's and targets putting pressure on salespeople that drives behaviours that push customers away
    • internal sales meetings that are ineffective, full of excuse making, and ultimately very uninspiring for everyone
    • dreadful value propositions that aren't understood by customers or the salespeople trying to explain them
    • excuses from the top about having no USP - "we're really just the same as all the others" is something we commonly here. And it isn't true.
    • poorly managed CRMs
    • discussions only taking place from the sellers perspective and never from the customers
    • no training, learning or performance support
    • no documented information for salespeople to quickly access, learn and use in conversations (including powerful questions that sell!)
    • no defined strategy or tactics
    • no repeatable and reliable process to follow
    • no system in place to help salespeople leverage their own strengths and styles

    ...and plenty more. 

    Our sales consulting services can help you diagnose where to get movement and most impact.

    To start your own diagnosis you might like our free document "The One Sales Thing" which you can download by clicking here.

  • Why sales improvement only comes when we all lift
  • Why setting the ball rolling early makes a big difference

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