Hi, I'm Mark Moore, UK based, and I specialise in helping technical and non-sales teams to provide a fuller service to their customers by helping them to make valuable buying decisions.

Most people call this 'selling' or 'business development'. I prefer to tell it how it really is. You're helping them to make win:win decisions with you that grow both of your businesses.

But if you want it put simply, I help anyone learn how to sell, and fast.

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Who we help


Why the specialism in technical or non-sales teams?

I'm an ex-engineer. I was never supposed to sell, let alone help others learn how. But I understand and relate to technical thinkers, professional service consultants, and people who never signed up to sell.

I know how they feel about selling. And I know how to help them leverage their strengths and sidestep resistance to selling by understanding it better.

I also work with full time new and well-experienced salespeople (and have done over the years in some of the biggest global corporates as well as smaller organisations) and I help them improve their results measurably.

Ultimately, I rise to the challenge to help anyone learn how to sell effectively and enjoyably, providing they are committed to learning how.

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Can anyone sell?


Why fast?

Because the business I set up in 2003 enabled me to apply to businesses what I had spent my entire childhood learning about 'accelerated learning'. I ran a consultancy to help businesses to develop capabilities, skills, knowledge and behaviours in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

I don't like to see people waste resources when learning. Improved performance should be measurable, fast, and with near-immediate feedback. Learning should not be drawn out, overwhelming, and hard to apply it immediately. I work with clients to get their performance up fast.

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My clients

I've had the pleasure of working with large global corporates including McKinsey, Capgemini, Apple, National Grid, Macquarie Bank and KPMG.

And I have enjoyed lecturing at top universities including The University of Warwick and The University of Sydney.

I've had repeat business, based on results, from 90% of my clients, working with most regularly over a number of years.


Other work

I write and speak on the topics of business development, sales, self-directed learning, social learning, informal learning, and career advancement.

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