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Hi, I'm Mark Moore, and I specialise in helping technical and non-sales teams to connect more value to their customers and generate more revenue fast.

Why technical?

Because I'm an ex-engineer and I understand and relate to technical thinkers and critical thinkers. I know how they feel about 'selling'.

Why non-sales teams?

Because I was not a natural born sales person. I learned it when I started my own business in 2003 selling in to large corporates. And I learned that technical people have strengths and tendencies they can stretch a little to go a long way, surprising themselves. I know which buttons to press. Most of the buttons are mindset related. And most technical people need the business development and commercial mindset buttons switched on first. But that's just the start...

Why fast?

Because the business I set up in 2003 (here) connected my lifetime of expertise in 'accelerated learning' to businesses, helping them to develop capabilities and behaviours in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

My clients

I've had the pleasure of working with large global corporates including:

mckinsey  apple    kpmg  macquarie bank

 capgemlogo   issnationalgrid

And I have lectured at top universities including The University of Warwick and The University of Sydney.

I've had repeat business, based on results, from 90% of my clients, working with most regularly over a number of years.

Other work

I write and speak on the topics of business development, sales, self-directed learning, social learning, informal learning, career advancement and business performance, and I'm at my best when I can work with clients combining my solid expertise in all of these - helping businesses to generate more revenue fast.

Contact me

You can reach me here.


For more information on me, you can read my 'story' here of how I transistioned from an engineer to a business owner to a sales professional, and how an ability to learn fast (which I've taught others to do for 12+ years) was the secret weapon that helped me make these transistions. Click here for more.


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